Peg "Swamp Green"

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  • The Peg Support Stick is our shortest model, it's light and quick! Weighing in at a mere 8.4. oz. (excluding receiver and mounting screws)
  • Extends to a total height of 31" yet closes to a mere 19 ". Perfect to support your bow in ground blinds, a tree stands, stalking or when extra height is not needed
  • Multiple hole locations on the receiver makes for ideal quiver mounting adjustability and choice.
  • The receiver forward and back adjustability provides exact balancing of your bow.
  • Multiple release levers allows for quick and quiet adjustments of the support system
    to your optimal height.
  • The quick release wing nut on the receiver allows your support stick to be adjusted or removed for maximum versatility.
  • Custom Rubber boot for comfort and grip. Interchangeable height extension 2,4 and 6" available to customize the perfect height.
  • Textured finish gives excellent gripping action when carrying your bow by your new support system.
  • Offered in seasonal and multiple colors to match any background environment
  • Top hanger hook provides convenient way to hang your support system when not on your bow.