Can I shoot my bow with the leg on the ground?

No. The leg must be off the ground when you actually shoot the bow. It can be as little as an inch, but it cannot be touching the ground. Simply lift and Shoot!

Can I shoot my bow without extending the leg?

Yes, but the product performs best fully or partially extended.

How do I attach the support leg dove-tail to the mounting bracket receiver?

With the receiver bracket mounted to the bow, insert the male dove-tail bar of the support system and adjust the support leg forward or back to balance your bow. Hand tightens the red wing nut screw for a secure fit.

Can I use the QQ Archery Support System in the cold weather?

Yes. You should be good to go to.

Is the QQ Archery Support System weather/water proof?

Yes. All pieces to the Support System are waterproof and can be used in any weather conditions.

Can I exchange any of the QQ Archery Support System models and not have to replace the dove-tail bracket receiver?

Yes, All models will fit our dove-tail bracket receiver.

After years of hard hunting, the foam in the hood needs replacement. Can I purchase a replacement?

Yes. We have replacement foam that came with your original QQ Archery Quiver.

Can the rubber boot be replaced?

Yes. The boot can be unscrewed and replaced with a 2", 4" or 6" support pegs to customize your support system height.