Filming with QQ Archery


Join QQ Archery with the "Ambush" Support Stick on Opening Day of Turkey in California. Remain completely still and never get tired. Don't get caught shaking!

Turkey Hunting with QQ Archery - Hold Dead Still

2019 California Turkey is underway. Come hunting with QQ Archery and enjoy some early season action! Check out how the Ambush Support Stick makes for an awesome day!


3 Doe within 45 minutes!? Join QQ Archery with thier "Ambush" Support Stick for a fall Illinos whitetail deer hunt and bag 3 doe within 45 minutes. Experience dead still, no ground blind archery hunting while limiting out of tags in under an hour.


Get up close and personal with Illinois Whitetail. Never get fatigued and stay perfectly still with QQ Archery using the "Ambush" Support Stick System. You will be within 6 ft and the doe never know you are close enough touch her.


Join us for a lesson on how to make a Turkey Feather Pillow. See how the Quiver-Less Quiver Support System evens the playing field. Watch as the archer enjoys the support of his bow for a long wait as the game approaches.

"3 D" Archery Target

QQ Archery participates in many archery tournaments throughout the year and what a fantastic way to meet wonderful people enjoying the outdoors, all for the hope of making that critical shot count when the time comes around. With the QQ Archery Support System you will be steady and ready. So, check out the Support System being used in the 3D circuit in California.



Join QQ Archery and whitetail bucks for a final night in the field. Notice how the Support System allowed the hunter to remain still for over an hour without being detected by these huge bucks. "Don't Get Caught Shaking…..Get Your Quiver-Less Quiver Support System"


For all those days you have been busted, caught moving in your tree stand, reaching for your bow, only to see your dream turn and run….let the QQ Archery Support System be your remedy. Hold your bow in the ready position for hours at a time, never fatigue and always be steady and ready! In this video notice the Support System is deployed just enough to keep your cam off your platform, protecting the cam from damage. Check out the bear hunter’s broad head in the camera view…..ROCK STEADY! The hunter simply lifts and shoots. QQ Archery scores another one.