Fish Stick Combo "Black Knight"

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    The "Fish Stick Combo" Support System for Bow Fishing

      Turn hours of fatigue in to a day of comfort and fun.  

      A Single Arrow Bow fishing Quiver with a built in Support System.

      Start and finish your day safely and comfortably carrying your bow buy your new Support Stick.

      A custom foamless hood with a soft rubber insert to accommodate and contain large bow fishing barbs.

      The receiver has 3 mounting holes for maximum adjustability.

      Weighing in at a mere 14.oz excluding receiver and mounting screws.

      Extends to a total height of 52” yet closes to a mere 20".

      Interchangeable height extension 2,4 and 6" available to customize the perfect height.     

      Multiple release levers allows for height adjustments of the support system.

      The quick release wing nut on the receiver allows your support stick to be adjusted or removed

        Custom Rubber boot for comfort and grip.

      The Textured finish gives an excellent gripping when carrying your bow by your new support system.  

      Top hanger hook provides convenient way to hang your support system when not on your bow.

      • Offered in a verity of custom colors to customize your favorite Bow fishing set up.